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Rich Seubert on Evan Neal, Josh Ezeudu, NYG offensive line woes

Former Giant offensive lineman talks about what he sees on a this edition of the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast

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New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
Josh Ezeudu
Photo by Brandon Sloter/Image Of Sport/Getty Images

The offensive line is the genesis of pretty much everything that ails the 1-4 New York Giants. On this edition of the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast, former Giants guard Rich Seubert, a starter on the 2007 Super Bowl team, discusses what he sees and how it might get better.

Among the things we discussed:

2:10 — What is Seubert seeing as the primary issue? Talent? Communication? Coaching? Inexperience? All of the above?

4:30 — The difficult of developing offensive line cohesion with the current practice rules.

“You’ve gotta be on the same page,” said Seubert. “It’s five guys working together.”

8:30 — Impact of poor line play on quarterback Daniel Jones.

“When the o-line’s not blocking in front of you it makes it hard,” Seubert said. “I just think if you put anybody back there and you get them hit repetitively over and over again your clock has to be messed up in your head throwing the football.”

12:30 — How Justin Pugh can help the offensive line.

14:25 — Can Evan Neal be a good right tackle?

“He is a good enough athlete to play that position, a good enough player to play that position, he’s got all the tools there,” Seubert said. ”I think he still has a chance to be a good football player.”

18:30 — How the Giants can support Josh Ezeudu.

21:40 — How rare is a quality multi-position player like David Diehl was for the Giants?

24:00 — Are there reasons for optimism?

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