EZ Prediction Week 4

I am going to make this prediction, a full 24 hours in advance because I hope others realize that comments fans such as myself make are not negative comments, but rather comments grounded in simple predictable logic.

The New York Giants will lost heartily to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. It will not be the obliterating defeat that Dallas handed the Giants.

Instead, this game will be a failure of the offense to thrive. The Giants defense will step up, and find a groove in the first half, while the 3 and out offense continues to hold the ball too long. Run on 2nd down. And above it all, just leave the defense to lose attrition.

The Giants offense after half time will make some minor adjustments, as they should, and the Giants will lean more into the run game. But this will be too little too late.

Giants fall to the Seahawks 29-16

Wghile me getting the score right is unlikely, just about everything else I have said is quite likely, and I will be proven right. The Giants are a 1 dimensional team with predictable results. All the hope in the world can’t change this team.

Run the ball, Daniel. It’s why you get paid the big bucks and Saquon doesn’t.

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