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Giants’ DC Wink Martindale defends Kayvon Thibodeaux

Martindale says ‘I know his heart,’ and adds Thibodeaux was not aware Nick Foles was injured

Indianapolis Colts v New York Giants Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

New York Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale on Thursday offered an impassioned defense of Kayvon Thibodeaux, criticized by Indianapolis Colts coach Jeff Saturday this week after doing snow angels next to an injured Nick Foles after sacking the Indianapolis quarterback on Sunday.

“He did not know that quarterback was hurt. He’s a good guy, and he did not know he was hurt,” Martindale said. “That’s a dangerous play when there’s two free runners coming off the edge on the back side of the quarterback.

“He did not know that Nick Foles was hurt. He wouldn’t have done that if he did know that.”

“I don’t know who he [Saturday] is,” Thibodeaux said Wednesday. “So I’m not really too concerned about people who comment on me and I don’t know them.”

Does Martindale understand the optics, with the player celebrating next to an opponent who is not getting off the turf?

“Sure. Sure [it looks bad], if you want it to,” Martindale said. “To me it doesn’t look as bad as what everybody’s trying to blow this thing up as because I know he did not know he was hurt. I know the guy, I know the person, I know his heart.

“I get a little protective with that, I know I do. Probably sounded that way, but that’s just how I feel.”