Plea for the Giants to Compete Financially

This is an email I sent to Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch this evening. I will let you all know if I get a meaningful response.

Good evening Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch:

My wife and I have been official Giants season ticket owners since the opening of MetLife and unofficial season ticket holders for at least 15 years before that (by paying for my brother-in-law’s cousins’ seats as we sat on the waiting list).

Ironically, we received our 2023 season ticket invoice last Saturday – the same day on which our team was effectively embarrassed by the Eagles. I compose this e-mail having just watched the Eagles dismantle the 49ers – with help from the 49ers themselves. As I contemplate whether and how to pay thousands of dollars for my season tickets I have come to question whether I should continue to lay out that kind of money while the Giants continue to decide not to use every resource available to them to compete year after year.

In the last few years, I have come to analyze and appreciate the wide gap in spending by NFL teams on talent year after year. And, I have become seriously concerned that the Giants, who most likely have premium revenue streams, are not effectively competing financially with many of the more successful teams, including the Eagles.

Utilizing public sources, I have come to learn that many teams, including the Eagles, are spending tens of millions more dollars year over year than the Giants since the implementation of the 2021 CBA. These public sources indicate that during the 2013 - 2021 period, the Giants' cash spending on salaries has averaged 100.25% of the salary cap while the Eagles' cash spending has averaged 112.88% of the salary cap. The Eagles spending was higher in every year from 2017 to present and in every CBA reporting period before that. That trend continued into 2022 when the Giants' cash spending on salary was $195,435,855 - 93.87% of the salary cap and the Eagles’ cash spending on salary was $223,054,526 - 107.13% of the salary cap.

Obviously, the salary cap rules apply equally to the Eagles, the Giants and every other NFL team. But it is also obvious that other teams, including the Eagles, are taking much greater advantage of the CBA rules that allow teams to defer the cap hit from signing bonuses to maximize the amount of money that they spend on salary. And this difference shows up in talent. While teams like the Eagles retain good players, the Giants have consistently let good players go for supposed cap reasons (Tuck, JPP, Pugh, Hankins, Zeitler, Linval Joseph, Bradberry, etc.) allowing other teams, including the Eagles, to scoop those players up.

Mr. Schoen says there is a "talent gap" between the Giants and Eagles. I think it will be really hard to bridge that talent gap if the Giants do not address the persistent spending gap between the two franchises.

Perhaps you can explain how you plan for the Giants to compete with the Eagles and the rest of the league when teams are so consistently outspending the Giants?

I know that I am effectively suggesting that the Giants spend money that would otherwise fall to the bottom line. At the same time, however, the Giants are asking me to lay out a significant portion of my income and to attend games – where I spend more of my money.

To be clear, we enjoy attending games even when the team has been less than successful. But having learned the extent of the gap in spending that has persisted for so long, I have started to wonder whether we, and people like us are being taken for granted.

I don’t expect any response to this email and certainly don’t expect some sort of pledge. I do hope that you will consider spending a few more bucks to keep and acquire the players needed to compete effectively.


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