Evan Engram, finally a WR

During his five (5) years here, many Giants fans wondered why Engram wasn't used as a WR instead of a TE.

I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere in Giants-land, but after playing the large majority of snaps at TE playing under three different coaches (McAdoo, Shurmur and Judge), it took a real HC (Pederson) to employ Evan Engram as a WR.

The two Jacksonville playoff games were the only two I saw them play this year (the game vs the Giants was the only Giants game I missed this season), and in those games I NEVER saw Engram lined up at TE. In the forty (40) or so plays where I looked to see where he lined up, I'd estimate that he lined up wide 25% of the time, in the slot 50% and closer to the tackle (but not tight) 25%.

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