A few off-season thoughts (Part 1?)

I know it's very early in the process. The Sr Bowl is next week, and the Combine is still a ways away. But free agency, and trades, come before the draft. Here are a few observations about possible moves we might want to consider--both trades and FA signings--before the draft. As I've said before, there are a few teams who are in really bad shape this off-season. Perhaps we can take advantage of their struggles and find a player or an early draft pick at a discount?

FYI, we have the following picks this year: 26, 58, 90, 101, 128, 161, 208, 218, 242, 245, and 254. Each of which will actually be selected one spot earlier, b/c Miami has forfeited their 1st Rd pick (#21 overall).

1- Tampa is ~$58M over the cap, and only has the following draft picks: 19, 51, 83, 154, 175, 181, 196, 232 and 253. That's only 3 picks in the first 153, for a team that has to cut a few players just to get under the cap. My targets from them--Shaq Mason &/or their 1st Round pick (#19 overall). I think they will have a really hard time justifying paying $7.5M for Shaq, and that 19th pick will cost them nearly $2.8M in cap space next year. Our 2nd Rd pick (#58), early 3rd (#90), & first 6th (#208) will cost them about the same, in total, vs the cap, as their #19.

Might we convince them that those 3 picks plus our 2nd Rd pick next year is a better deal than keeping that 19th pick? I'd be fine with that. We'd then have two 1sts and a 3rd, instead of a 1st, a 2nd & two 3rds. And if we throw in Ben Bredeson--who will cost them $1.1M as Mason's replacement, a savings of $6.5M--& maybe next year's 5th, can we get Shaq, too? That would mean giving up Bredeson, our 2nd, our early 3rd, our 6th, & next year's 2nd & 5th, for Mason and this year's 19th overall. I'd be fine with that, too.

2- Tenn is ~$27.5M over the cap, and only has these picks: 11, 42, 73, 148, 186, 230. If Tampa didn't bite, maybe we can shoot for Tenn's 42nd overall pick? I don't know if they're desperate enough to give up their 1st Rd pick, but maybe their 2nd? Again, they need to save money, and possibly add a few earlier picks. That's hard to pull off at the same time! Maybe we offer them our two 3rd Rd picks for their 2nd? I'd be happy to have picks 26, 42 and 51, even if it means waiting until #128 in Rd 4 after that. I can see us winding up with a solid starter at CB, WR & ILB, in some order, from those picks. That's a win, IMO! Last, but not least in my "Tennessee Fantasy Draft" is Jeffery Simmons. I seriously doubt they let him walk, but if they decide that next year is a "Re-tool year" and they are having trouble getting under the cap, Simmons would save them $10.7M in one fell swoop on his 5th-year option. I'd give up, say, next year's (2024's) 2nd & 5th (when they'll have more money to spend on draft picks, too) for him in a heartbeat. He's a beast!

3- The Saints are ~$61M over the cap, and only have these picks: 41, 72, 115, 147, 167, 229, & 260. Another team who can't afford to keep everyone, and really prolly can't even afford to sign a 2nd Rd pick. I'd offer them basically the same package I suggested offering Tennessee, and for one pick earlier in return.

The upshot: In what I consider a thin draft, I'd like to either have two 1sts, or two 2nds, if at all possible.

What do you guys think of these attempts to seize an opportunity, a la Howie Roseman does for Philly seemingly each year?!

Next time...UFAs! :)

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