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With no plays to call, Brian Daboll ‘trying to do the best I can to help the players’

Daboll is focused on getting ready for Tennessee, not on personal meaning of Sunday’s game

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Giants
Brian Daboll
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Brian Daboll will not be in charge of the play-to-play operation of the New York Giants’ offense this season. He has given that job to offensive coordinator Mike Kafka. That will be new for Daboll, a five-time offensive coordinator including a collegiate stint at Alabama.

Daboll, though, knows that in his first stint as an NFL head coach, he won’t lack for things to do.

“I have so much on my plate right now. I loved calling plays. But I think Mike’s done a good job. I have a lot of faith in him like we talked about yesterday,” Daboll said on Tuesday. “And I think he’s got good rapport with (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones). That’s the voice that Daniel’s been hearing the last preseason games and every practice. And I’ve been pleased with Mike and really the entire offensive coaching staff.”

After three preseason games, Daboll has learned that his game day preparation is different than it was as a coordinator.

“When you’re calling plays, it’s just a different mindset. When you’re calling the play and you have your call sheet and you’re going through tons of different play calls,” Daboll said. “I’m going through tons of different situations and time outs and challenges and when to go for it on fourth-down, and just reviewing the stuff that I have to do a good job of before the game. And the difference when you’re calling plays is there’s a thousand things going through your head the night before and usually during the game. So, it’s different things.”

Daboll can no longer have the narrow focus he had as a coordinator.

“My job is to know all the offense, the defense and the kicking game and go through it with the coaches before the game starts,” Daboll said. “Obviously, there are adjustments that need to be made, decisions that have to happen quick when you’re a play caller. But I certainly have input on all three of those areas.”

One thing Daboll is not doing is focusing on what Sunday will mean to him personally.

“I’m just trying to do the best I can to help the players out in terms of their preparation, practice schedule, and really not focus on that,” Daboll said. “I’d be lying to say that I’m not honored, again, to be standing up here. But my focus is on the game and the players. There will be a time and place for that. I want to do everything I can to get ready for this game.”

More Tuesday takeaways

Kayvon Thibodeaux unsure about Sunday

Rookie edge defender Kayvon Thibodeaux, sidelined since the second preseason game with a sprained MCL, said Tuesday his availability for the season opener “could go either way.”

What practice looked like Tuesday for Thibodeaux and Azeez Ojulari:

Thibodeaux refused to be baited into calling the cut block from Cincinnati tight end Thaddeus Moss that injured him a dirty play.

“I try not to think about the past. I talked to him, and I’m not really worried about it, we’re moving forward trying to get better and make sure you play with good technique,” Thibodeaux said. “It’s football, it’s a 100 percent injury rate. You’ve got to just be ready to recover when your time comes and be ready to be smart in different situations.”

Quote of the day

— QB Daniel Jones on head coach Brian Daboll

Adoree’ Jackson: No hard feelings

Adoree’ Jackson said Tuesday that he has no ill will toward the Titans, who released him prior to last season. He spent four seasons with Tennessee after being a first-round pick (18th overall) in 2017.

“That’s the organization that drafted me, so I’m forever thankful and grateful for the opportunity that they gave me,” Jackson said. “At the end of the day, it just didn’t pan out the way they wanted, and I wanted. That’s how life goes. God gives you second chances to open another door when one closes and I’m here and I’m appreciative.”

Slayton absent

Wide receiver Darius Slayton was excused from Tuesday’s practice for personal reasons, per multiple reports. The last time the Giants excused a player from practice for personal reasons it was linebacker Blake Martinez, who was released the next day.