Joe Schoen : Lucky to have a friend named Daboll ?

It's hard to separate Batman from Robin, Paul from John, Fred from Barney - but I think it can be done,

If the voting for coach of the year were held today Daboll would likely finish in the top 5 and he'd deserve it.

Of course week three isn't year three and you can't judge a draft at this point but Schoen's picks are middling at best thus far.

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say that Neal and Thibodeaux will come into their own and be successful career Giants. Nobody knows.

It's the other picks where he stepped out an island leaving second guessers waiting to pounce. The picks were often undersized and always well below consensus ( except for Beavers ). Wandale is the poster child of this string of " smartest guy in the room" day 2 and 3 picks. It doesn't help that most are injured, but I kind of felt this way even before they all went down. (I do recognize Daboll was part of the process on draft day, but the buck stops with the GM).

Daboll is humble, understated, and has the qualities ( intangible and tangible ) to be a premier coach in this league.

The other guy is self confident, smooth, and may or may not have the " it" factor that his buddy has in spades.

Early long shot prediction : There could be a split between them IF, and it's a huge IF - Jones builds on the over achieving Dallas game and continues to plays with that kind of heart, confidence, and competence. I think Daboll could be won over and Schoen could have had his mind already made up.

Remember Daboll is the rare guy who hands out snap counts based upon what he sees with his own eyes, not by the " backs of baseball cards", or how much his boss writes checks for.

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