What did we expect?

The roster is pretty bad. The Cowboys have WAY more talent. How many of the players on the field last night would start for the Cowboys? On offense, it's Saquon and AT. That's it. The offensive line, other than AT was a train wreck. The talent is improved, but it's going to take another 5 games before they have their act together. The WRs are replacement level. Is there a single WR that scares anyone or requires at least an occasional double team? For me, the only offensive line disappointment is Glowinski. The Giants are paying him a bunch of $$$, and he's getting manhandled in pass protection. Feliciano is no surprise (mediocre), LG is a revolving door, and Neal is a rookie learning the ropes. None of this is news.

Dexie is a solid DT, but a I can't even name the other interior DL. They can't stop the run. Tae Crowder as the MLB? No bueno. The secondary is actually playing better than I expected. Thibs and Ojulari are on their first game back, and I'll give them a pass. Thibodeaux's PFF grade was actually pretty good.

The coaches can't scheme around interior offensive line play. If the pocket collapses from the inside, it can't be fixed.

The team is fighting hard. Jones is a battler. The Giants are going to have a difficult call at the end of the season on what to do with DJ. He still has no support. Hopefully, things will improve in the 2nd half of the season after the offensive line gels. This is not a good football team, and the first 2 weeks were an illusion.

That being said, there is some hope for the future The 2022 draft class has some promise. Belton, Bellinger, Thibs, Ezeudu, and Robinson look like keepers.

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