Why keeping Golladay makes sense

Plenty here (myself included) has been back and forth on why Golladay’s lack of production has been a waste of cap, and what if anything to do with him.

I’ve often wondered if getting rid of him now and eating the extra space was the right decision just to open up that extra roster spot for someone else to get experience in games and prove themselves.

Now, however, thinking about how Daniel Jones doesn’t like to hit Kenny on contested catches which is where Kenny thrives. I’m wondering if Kenny might be worth keeping at least into early next year when we have a rookie QB, and see how that new QB works with Kenny. The hardest thing any new QB faces is finding the right weapons to hit, in addition to the timing of the NFL.

Could keeping Kenny around for just a smidge longer be more beneficial in letting the next QB get comfortable at the NFL level? I’m not sure if Kenny can make spring training to find out before cutting pre June 1st?

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