BBV Pick em week 3. I can't get no.....satisfaction.

Cause I try, and I try...
Second week in a row with a good proportion of games turning out interesting and unexpected results. The Jets and Cowboys rattled everyone's scores

Another middling week for the scores, for the most of you that is. A select few (2) of us were awesome enough to score robust healthy scores of 11. Top scores to Clay the tenth and myself - AG with 11 points for the week.


My season is now complete, making at least one top score, I will now go back to making terrible choices. Salsa fell back to earth and beyond, following last week's 10 with a low score of 5. Otherwise, lots of 8s, 9s and 10s.
The survivor thinned out yet again, with misguided trust placed in the Bengals, Colts and the Browns undoing several. 9 remain.

21 - Clay the tenth 11, (I'll stop using it, but that story was awesome).
19 - Brady X 10, tdj X 10, AG 11, win X 9,
18 - Kölner X 9, ST X 9, npt 9, Rock X 9, facts 9, afan X 9,
17 - LTL 10, PP X 9, DD X 9, Beorn X 9, jman 10, pj 8, RGV 9, Tuck X 9,
16 - G70 8, z 9, pugs 10,
15 - salsa X 5 (easy come easy go I guess)
14 - Doc X 6.


I have to check a couple of scores from 1st week. G70 is, kindly (understating it), putting together a spreadsheet to make the scoring easier and less reliant on my human error riddled note book and pencil.

This week;

Steelers at Browns (Th)
Saints at Panthers
Texans at Bears
Chiefs at Colts
Bills at Phins
Lions a Vikes
Ravens at Pats
Bengals at Jets
Raiders at Titans
Eagles at WC
Jags at Chargers
Rams at Cards
Falcons at Seahawks
Packers at Buccs
49ers at Broncos
Cowboys at Giants (M)

Check your scores, get your picks in, have a good week.


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