We've Got Bigger Problems Now

Once again, the offensive line is this teams greatest problem. I want to preface that by saying that I understand injuries and developing players will cause issues. Evan Neal is going to be great, but playing tackle as a rookie will present a learning curve. Glowinski and Feliciano need to play better. I am curious to see if Lemieux is a better option than Bredeson or a better option than developing Ezeudu. He probably is, but pass protection is his greatest flaw, much like the rest of the Giants line save for Andrew Thomas.

This is problematic for the offense, as defenses will stack the box to stop saquon. Jones is not going to win many games with his arm, especially with a lack of a true number one receiver. I think Jones with a no.1 could win some games with an offensive line that can protect.

I liked Sills and James getting more reps. Shepard has been getting separation down the field after his achilles injury, which is great. He's moving well. Toney and Robinson will eventually break a game open with a big play.

I think the Giants need to play opposite to the tride and true Nfl blueprint. They need to establish the pass to set up the run. This team is well coached, and Daboll seems to have Jones progressing. He looked more comfortable leaving the pocket and taking what the defense gave him. Saquon is due to break a long td run against the cowgirls. I think we win next week, but for sustained success over the season, the line has to pass protect better. Parsons will feast. The redskins have pass rushers. The Eagles have a strong interior Defensive line.

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