Reality Check

it's always amusing when the outcome - as opposed to what actually happened - drives the narrative.

For example, if the Titans' Bullock makes his FG and/or Gano misses his, you just know that most everybody would be talking about:

1) How terrible the Giants offense has been. I mean, it was completely snuffed in the 1st half of both games, and didn't do a whole lot in the 2nd halves, either.

2) How bad Jones has looked. I concluded that Jones was probably damaged-beyond-repair-goods during last season, but I'm removing the 'probably.' He was given the keys way too early, and has just been hit far too much. He's painfully skittish and erratic. Did you see the play that preceded the 2nd FG yesterday? Jones takes a short drop and, within 2 seconds in a clean pocket, gives up looking for a target and instead looks to avoid pressure that wasn't there. Sack. FG.

Jones is no doubt a dead man walking. He will be some other team's backup next season, and the Giants will, as is necessary, suffer with a rookie QB next season.

3) How worrisome Dabol is at this albeit early juncture - the pop-gun offense, the continued reliance on placing Jones in harm's way with designed runs (he's already taken a beating over two weeks), the 2-pt conversion decision against the Titans.

Jones, in particular - I mean yes, he's fast, but that's it. He's otherwise a lanky, stumbling runner who has no clue how/when to avoid punishment, and Dabol exacerbates it as though he thinks he has another Allen (who is built like a LB and who knows how to run and STILL shouldn't run as much as he does). It's stupefying why Dabol is continuing prior regimes' policy in running/ruining Jones.

4) How Wink's hyper-aggressive schemes, while refreshing and long overdue here, will be harshly exposed against competent offenses until the personnel improves.

The play on the field this season will be on a par with prior recent seasons, though the cake schedule might result in more wins.

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