Some Early Season Thank Yous

Thank you to Ed and staff for keeping us abreast of our beloved NY Football Giants during the loooooong off season, your content helps me get through the dog days of winter etc. and for the continued in-season content. I look forward to it every day.

Thank you to the Buffalo Bills for giving us a GM with a vision and a plan that look to get us back to where we should be as a football organization.

Thank you to the Buffalo Bills again for giving us a HC who knows what he is doing, also has a vision, seems to put his players into a position to succeed and trusts them to do so.

Thank you to the KC Chiefs for giving us an OC who is running an offense that, well looks like an offense.

Thank you to the Baltimore Ravens for firing Wink. Masterful job on Sunday and can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Thank you to the 69 players who have worked their tails off to give us hope and certainly enjoyment seek 1, it has been a looooong time coming.

Thank you to the contributors on this site for helping me understand the game a little better and giving me a place to talk football.

Finally thank you to John Mara for finally doing the right thing for the franchise by hiring a competent GM then getting out of the way. His heart is always in the right place but that doesn't always give the results you want.

Hope springs eternal, Let's Go Giants!

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