BBV Pick em week 2, the let down.

It seems fate is a cunning b!+ch. After years of doing this shindig with a pen, pad and challenging my mental arithmetic (or using fingers on one hand for some of you....less successful punters) to sum up my bullet proof scoring each week, I branched out. I spent a small portion of the offseason searching the internet for ways to create my own spreadsheet until I stumbled across a reddit post, offering me all that I needed without any of the work. It seemed ok so I played along. As people posted, I entered picks in, expecting a nice score to be tallied in the blink of an eye. Long story short, it didn't work.

So, it's back to pencil and mother-fudging mental arithmetic, for a short time, like the next 17 weeks, probably.
Since I'm not very good at pivoting. I will be posting the games and then updating scores later in the week, when you can no doubt complain about how wrong they are. At a brief glance, they looked mid-range-ish.
Several people out of the Survivor, and also to the people that chose the Colts, since they didn't lose, I will allow them to survive another week. This policy will remain.

Score update.
Top score of the week was very outlying 12 to lommelial - well done. Most scores were middling. We're looking at a good old fashioned bell curve grading this week. Low score of 6 to pugs and newcomer GMR.
If you see an ‘X' after your name - you're out of the survivor. The 49ers and Broncos ruined most people this week, thinning out near half the crowd. Thanks for playing, you can still play in the pick em. To those still in, I have your choices down on a spreadsheet. Remember you can only use a team once.

12 - lom X
10 - salsa, clay X, win X
9 - Kölner, ST X, npt, Rock X, facts, SH, pj, afan X, tdj, brady X
8 - Doc, G70, PP X, DD, Beorn, AG, RGV, fizz X, Tuck X
7 - LTL, jman, Z
6 - GMR X, pugs X.

To those of you with fresh faces here, let me know if I got your score wrong - it happens.
As usual - check your scores, get your picks in and have a good week.

This week;

Bolts at Chiefs (Th)
Phins at Ravens
Jets at Browns
WC at Lions
Colts at Jags
Buccs at Saints
Panthers at Giants
Pats at Steelers
Falcons at Rams
Seahawks at 49ers
Bengals at Cowboys
Texans at Broncos
Cardinals at Raiders
Bears at Packers
Titans at Bills (M)
Vikes at Eagles (M)

Stay tuned (you get what you pay for).



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