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Giants’ OL coach Bobby Johnson apologizes for role in fight on Monday

Giants move on from Monday mayhem

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants offensive line coach Bobby Johnson apologized on Tuesday for his role in Monday’s major brawl during a training camp practice.

“I take full responsibility ... I’m remorseful. It can’t happen. It won’t happen again. I’ve apologized to the appropriate people, in particular Cam [Brown]. I have to be better than that. It’s not what we’re looking for ... it’s a regrettable incident that can’t and won’t happen again.”

The brawl involved center Jon Feliciano, linebacker Tae Crowder, linebacker Cam Brown and others. At one point, Johnson shoved Brown.

Johnson added that head coach Brian Daboll made it “crystal clear” to him that such an incident can’t happen a second time.

Feliciano, whom Brown dragged from the scrum by his Guardian Cap, has taken to Twitter to make light of the incident, offering two tickets to the home opener for the best meme caption.

Daboll was clear in remarks to media regarding how he felt about the incident:

“Sometimes that happens, but in no way do we condone that,” he said before Tuesday’s practice. “I spoke to the team and I spoke to the coaches. They know what the expectations [are]. We’re not going to lose composure like that.

“Tempers were up. I talked to the team, everybody involved. That’s not what we’re looking to do. We’re going to pride ourselves on being smart, tough, dependable. I’ve been around long enough to see certain things like that — on the third out of four days in pads — happen. It’s addressed. We’re not going to do that.”