Offensive Struggles

Much is being written about the offense's poor performance in training camp. This is not going to improve much any time soon. I've written about this plenty of times.

The offense's struggles are to be expected. The first 4 regular season games are going to be a sh!tshow. The talent on the field and the coaching are much improved, but we won't see it until later in the season. There simply aren't enough reps in training camp. Giants fans should be looking for improvement and progress. Issues:

1. Learning an entirely new playbook. For Jones, it's 3 in 4 years.
2. Despite the influx of offensive line talent, for all intents and purposes, the offensive line has 5 new starters. None of these guys have played together in any meaningful way. How many offensive line coaches have the Giants had since Andrew Thomas was drafted? I lost count. The offensive line, under the best of circumstances could take 8 games to gel. Throw in a rookie at RT learning new techniques, and Lemieux at LG who hasn't seen meaningful snaps since 2020, and the offensive line has a lot of work ahead of them.
3. Getting Jones and his receivers on the same page is going to be a serious challenge, and a work in progress. Jones hasn't thrown much to any of them except Slayton. The passing game from both a playbook and execution perspective is pretty radical compared to previous seasons. Lots of motion and formations. More importantly, the receivers have a crazy amount of freedom in their route running. I've spent a lot of time studying Bills and Chiefs film, and the receivers need to get to a spot on the field, and depending on coverage, they have a lot of latitude on how they get there. There was an article recently on BBV on how body language by receivers and QBs is critical. This can't be understated. For example, a 10 yard crossing route against press man is run differently than against 2 deep zone. I'd sum it up as
  • vs. man, get open and get to your spot.
  • Versus zone, run to open grass in the general vicinity of where the playbook says you should be.
The learning curve involved for the receivers and QB to sort through all that will be daunting.
Buckle your seatbelt. The early part of the season won't be pretty. My hope is that we should see some good football in the 2nd half of the season.

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