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‘Eli’s Places’: Second season of Eli Manning’s college football show set to kick off

We got a sneak peek at the new season of Eli’s ESPN+ show

Photo courtesy of ESPN

Eli Manning was always a milquetoast interview as the quarterback of the New York Giants. Polite, and he would generally give you an answer you could use, but he was incredibly careful to never say anything that would come back to bite him, to never really show a whole lot of his personality.

That is why it has been amazing to watch his post-retirement transformation. Manning has, in a manner of speaking, let his hair down. He is showing the personality those close to him always knew existed, but that he did not want the media or the fan base to see.

His Twitter account is a funny follow. His alternative Monday Night Football With Peyton and Eli show is an often hilarious watch. Who ever thought we would see Manning flip the double-bird on national television? Now, his Eli’s Places show on ESPN+ is set for a second season.

Manning takes on his own version of his brother’s signature show to explore what makes college football a way of life across the country. Manning will travel to some of the most well-known and historic college football establishments and meet with giants in the sport to better understand what makes college football such a national sensation.

In Episode 1, premiering Wednesday, Aug. 10 on ESPN+, Manning heads to Gainesville. Down in the swamp, Eli relives the magic of “Tebow Mania” with Gator legend, Tim Tebow. Other Season 2 guests will include Cam Newton, Brady Quinn, Terry Crew, Willie McGinest, Matt Leinart, and more, including big brother Peyton Manning.

Check out the exclusive first-look at the trailer below: