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Giants’ Tyrod Taylor preparing each day like the starter

Tyrod Taylor is coming in each day ready to compete and ready for an opportunity to present itself

New York Giants Training Camp Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

From the moment New York Giants quarterback Tyrod Taylor started preparing for his NFL career, no matter where he was he worked like he was a starter. Preparing for when the moment his number was called that he would be as ready as possible.

After unfortunate injuries with the Los Angeles Chargers and Houston Texans saw him losing his job to rookie quarterbacks, Taylor is preparing for his next chance here with the Giants.

“You can go back to my draft prep interviews; I’ve said this from day one - my job is to come in and prepare like a starter each and every day. I think that’s just the mindset, that’s not everybody but it’s the mindset for me and I know it keeps me in a competitive state of mind,” Taylor said on Wednesday, which was his 33rd birthday. “Also, it builds trust within your teammates. If there is no drop-off from the first, second and third group, the better our team is.”

The Giants organization has unquestionably backed Daniel Jones for this upcoming season since he has taken every first-team rep and the staff has expressed their commitment to Jones whenever asked. Still, Taylor knows that his moment can come at any time.

“I came in here ready to compete and that’s what the nature of this game is. There is only one quarterback that can play, and you have to be ready at any time when that opportunity presents itself,” Taylor said. “I’m working each and every day just trying to get better and ready for the opportunity that presents itself.“

While the starting job may belong to Jones, the quarterbacks are still competing day in and day out to show who can be the best. Taylor wants to win both on the field and in the locker room as well.

“Much respect for Daniel,” he said. “The way he approaches his job each and every day and the way he goes out and leads. I think just the quarterback room as a whole, we all bring out the best in one another. Whether it’s in competitions, whether it’s in the weight room, whether it’s on the field. We tally up who has the best throws for the day. If you see our board of tallies it can get crazy, but much respect to Daniel. He’s doing a great job throughout camp.”

After an up and down start of training camp for Daniel Jones, he has since gotten sharper to quiet some of the outside rumblings that arise around Taylor giving the Giants the best chance to win.

While it may be a new system that everyone is getting familiar with Taylor praised head coach Brian Daboll for putting his players in a position to succeed. After years of a more traditional NFL offense, the Giants have been moving players all over the field and motioning players around pre-snap. Taylor believes doing this is helping the team go out there and make plays.

“I got a chance to get familiar with the offense so once we were able to get into training camp, it wasn’t necessarily zero. We were already leaving on a high note, so we wanted to keep that energy rolling,” Taylor said. “I think coach has done a great job of mixing different concepts but also allowing guys to do what they are most comfortable with. That’s going out there and making plays. You see Wan’Dale (Robinson) being moved around in different areas. You see KG (Kenny Golladay), (David) Sills, and I can go on and list. I don’t leave receivers out saying that guys are outperforming others, but you see guys moving around in different spots making plays.“

Taylor sounds in tune with the offense and is competing and preparing for his moment. With Fan Fest coming up on Friday, the team and the fans might get a chance to see this competition showcased at MetLife Stadium. Although the exact format is unknown there will be some type of scrimmage at the event.

With Daniel Jones so far unable to complete a full NFL season, there is a likelihood that Taylor will get a chance to again show what he is capable of as a starting NFL quarterback. After seeing uninspiring backup quarterback play in 2021, Taylor will continue to work to best prepare for his moment.