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Giants’ Adoree’ Jackson embracing being a veteran in the locker room

At 26, Jackson is the grizzled veteran at the team’s cornerback position

New York Giants v Washington Football Team Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Since the New York Giants moved on from James Bradberry for salary cap reasons, all eyes have turned to Adoree Jackson as the veteran presence at the team’s cornerback position. At 27 Jackson is one of the oldest corners in the room and has been monitoring those around him.

It’s still early but so far Jackson seems pleased with the players around him. Aaron Robinson is coming into his second season with the Giants after missing time during his rookie season with a core muscle injury. Now being thrust into the CB2 role Jackson likes the competitiveness Robinson has shown.

“I have been liking A-Rob since I met him. I know when I came and signed here, then we drafted him, I just looked up his highlight tapes. I liked what I had seen from him and been liking him ever since. He works hard, he’s a guy that just goes out there and does what he has to do. I just appreciate A-Rob and his competitiveness.“

There might not be a person who has been more impressive so far this camp than Darnay Holmes. Holmes has intercepted Daniel Jones three times so far and forced a fumble by Saquon Barkley. Jackson has had a pretty long relationship with Holmes going back to their times in California high schools.

“It’s crazy, I’ve known Darnay since I was in high school. Even when we got to SC (University of Southern California) he was supposed to come there, but he went across town, which I don’t blame him. I’ve learned that he is just a good dude. A good, genuine dude and a good wholesome guy. Goes out there and sticks to the script, no matter what may happen his faith never wavers. He just goes out there and competes man. I can respect that. I just appreciate him a lot, the way he works and comes in every day.“

The Giants drafted slot cornerback Cor’Dale Flott in Round 3, and Holmes has thus far risen to the challenge.

“He is out there doing his thing. Like I said, every day it’s not like he is worried about the past or the present,” Jackson said. “He is just trying to focus on the day by day and getting better. That’s what we preach. If you ever hear him talk or ever hear him speak, you know how he carries himself you can tell that’s a smart, intelligent man. He goes out there and carries it the right way on the field and off.“

Jackson hopes Holmes’ play will rub off on the other defensive backs.

“He is kicking our butts,” Jackson said. “I think our competition is who is going to be the best DB out of the day. It’s just like a me versus me mentality but at the same time we know we are competing with each other. I think that’s the best thing about having that competition with these types of guys. It’s going to hold each other accountable. If I’m not doing something right, they can tell me or vice versa. Then us competing like, ‘who can make the most plays by the end of the day?’ It’s not like we are jealous or envious. If you see somebody make a play, we are out there running and celebrating with him because we know that it’s going to bring energy to everybody. It’s just cool having that competition in the room.“

There will also be times when being the veteran in the locker room will also come with some moments that make you feel just plain old. While Jackson, 26, was playing 50 Cent in the locker room, rookie running back Jashuan Corbin, 21, didn’t recognize who’s music was being played.

“The crazy thing is I remember when we were playing 50 Cent in the locker room and Jashaun Corbin [came by], and I asked him, ‘do you know who this is?’ He thought it was a West Coast song. I said, “nah, this is 50 Cent” and I think the song was Many Men or In Da Club, it was one of the old 50 Cent songs. I asked him what year he was born, and he said, ‘2001.’ It was shocking because the song came out when I was three. I remember when it was 2001, I was in the first grade, and I remember wanting to be like 50 Cent. I had the video games, the tank top, and everything. So, it was crazy that he didn’t know who that was. I think that’s the strangest thing. I mean I came in and they thought I was super young and now that the roles reversed, I’m not old but in the middle, and they are super young like 20, 21. It’s crazy just to see the difference in the age gap.“

The music gap aside, Jackson seems comfortable in the leadership role.