NFC West preview

#1) LA. A great team both on O and D. It is rare that a team will repeat and I don't think that will be the case here, but they are still a contender. Matt Stafford's sore elbow a bit of a concern but he can still wing it. Cooper's Kupp does runnith over. Odell does seem like a perfect fit here. Shoe in err flip-flop in for a playoff spot.

#2) Cardinals. No I wasn't impressed by their off-season or their draft but I do think a new contract will bring additional responsibility on exotically gifted QB Murray. He will PASS and run with flying Cardinal colors. A very good O with a bend don't break type D will make the playoffs this year.

#3) 49ers. Trey Lance !!!! Yea, sorry. Until I actually see the guy play some games call me a skeptic. A running QB to me means an injured QB. Me thinks the 49ers are all in on this as they traded the future for what they hope for is a future SUPERduperSTAR QB. We shall see...Other than that this is a solid team on O and a great D. They have a great running game with an innovative coach......they will need it with a rookie QB. Where O where is QB Garrap ? Is he going OR staying ? If they keep him and he replaces Lance by game 5 they make the playoffs. If not NO playoffs.

#4) SeaHawks. WILSON !!!!! WILSOOONNN ?!?! WHERE are you ?!?! The Seahawk players have to feel like Castaways on a deserted Island without Wilson keeping them company. In life after Wilson the Seahawks will try to figure out who their future QB is going to be. I don't know who to bet on all I know is I won't let QB Geno hold the pot...they are in rebuild mode with a HC and GM who don't know the definition of the word rebuild. Uh-Oh...

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