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Giants’ WR Collin Johnson making the most of his opportunities

Collin Johnson is giving his best effort each day to maximize the opportunity to make the 53-man roster

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

New York Giants wide receiver Collin Johnson has been making quite an impression on the new coaching staff. Johnson has been impressive in training camp and that momentum carried over into the first game of the preseason against the New England Patriots. The 6-foot-6, 222-pound receiver caught 7 of 8 targets for 82 yards with an impressive 11.7 yards per catch. Even after an early fumble, Johnson was able to refocus and not let it affect the rest of his night.

Johnson had another good day on Monday, making the catch of the day during practice. A sign of how well Johnson has played? He was a featured interview at the podium during Monday’s media session, the first time Johnson has been granted that assignment this summer.

“At the end of the day, you’ve just got to focus on being the best you can be. I feel like if you do that, when the opportunity comes, you’ll make it,” Johnson said. “I have full confidence that when I get an opportunity, I’ll make the play because I know the way I work every day. I’m definitely going to keep working and keep taking advantage of my opportunities.”

Johnson has caught the eye of a pretty important person when it comes to making the final roster.

“He’s made the most of his opportunities,” said head coach Brian Daboll. “So, we’ve talked to these guys about earning it, and he’s certainly earned it with his opportunities that he’s gotten. If he does well, he’ll get more opportunities. He’s smart. He’s got position flexibility in terms of intelligence and understanding the roster. He’s made plays. He’s done a nice job.”

The main thing that sticks out to Daboll is the football intelligence that Johnson exhibits.

“It’s not so much the size. It’s his overall intelligence of being able to line up at multiple spots,” Daboll said. “The ability to separate and get open is important and then make plays on the football when he has an opportunity to.”

Johnson is simply focused on getting better.

“I take it day by day. Last year, every game, every practice, is experience and you’ve just got to add that to the tool kit and keep growing and keep getting better,” Johnson said. “You’ve got to be intentional about it. Last year was last year, and last game was last game. This practice is over, and I’m already focused on the next day. That’s kind of the way I’m wired. I’m big on being process-oriented and not so much result-oriented because Daboll always harps on that as well. I really took that to heart this camp, and it’s definitely helped me.”

Coming into his third season in the NFL and second with the Giants, Johnson is familiar with the ebbs and flow of how things can change from week to week.

“I feel like I’m better today than I was yesterday. I control just getting better every day and taking advantage of my opportunities when my number is called. Like I said, that’s all I can control,” he said. “How many targets I have, maybe can’t control, but my attitude and effort I can always control that. I’m big on that. That’s just my focus and that will always be my focus, my attitude and effort. I feel like if I stay focused on that the results and taking advantage of opportunities will take care of itself.”

Johnson will have another opportunity this weekend to show the coaching staff that he has what it takes to make the final 53. With the Cincinnati Bengals coming to MetLife Stadium this Sunday, Johnson has the chance to put more impressive film on tape.