NFC South preview

#1) Saints. Yep, it Aints the Bucs. Great D and as great as the Breezer was now with Riverboat gambler Winston at the Captain helm they can go deep down the field like they hadn't done in recent years. WR Thomas returns and together with rookie WR Olave, this team can score in bunches. I don't like Winston personally, but...Re(dis)member the daze when jerry least announced he didn't want to draft OL R Ramczyk for the Giants ? Or was that all a nightmare ?

#2) TB, the team not the disease. TB, the QB not the disease, over 5000 passing yrds and 43 TD's. What's not to like ? Another NFC South team with an excellent D. This is a case where I gaze into the crystal ball and just think injuries creep across the Florida bay. If that doesn't happen then the dogfight is on between #1 and #2.

#3) Carolina. Yet another NFC team with a strong D. What ? Say who doesn't like a camp QB battle between former college stars Mayfield and Darnold ? Don't shovel that #@$% at D Pastorinni/L Dickey. You break it it's yours. The OL is improved but the BIG question hanging around is can RB C McCaffrey play in at least 14/15 games this year ? If he can this team ends up with a winning record.

#4) Atlanta. When you trade a QB like Matt Ryan you basically announce to the world we're taking a couple years off in the guise of rebuilding. Why not take a flyer on QB Mariota in order to find out if it was all a mirage or indeed a water hole. This team has some good building blocks to play with and a good draft behind them to set sail with. Storms at sea can be a $%#&* though.

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