NFC North preview

Short and sweet so as not to be overly pedantic and borrrrring.

#1) GB, just loaded on D as they have one of the better D's in the entire league. Yes, who wouldn't miss Devante Adams but I have just a smidgeon of a hunch Aaron Rogers the Great will manage to come up with a couple of guys he trusts enough to catch the pinpoint passes he will undoubtedly throw. Clearly in the running for a top playoff seeding which weirdly hasn't meant as much as you would think lately in the frozen tundra.

#2 and #3) Hey Genius, why are you listing 1 and 2 2gether ? Because both the Cowardly Lions and Minnesota North Stars, (whoops wrong sport and wrong decade but still a GREAT name from the past) errrr Vikings will both finish tied in wins/losses. Both are good team. Both have good not great and underrated QB's. Both have offenses that can score points in bunches. Both teams are in the process of rebuilding their improving and competitive D's. Heads I win Tails you lose ?

#4) And a clear #4 are Da Bears. It just doesn't seem right does it that such cornerstone franchises like the NY football Giants and Chicago hometown Bears have been such forlorn and forgotten teams. Here's hoping that both have picked the right Gm's/Coaches to lead them back to relevance...

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