1st pre-season game look

Hey, not a bad game. 2nd half more fun to watch than the 1st.

My impression on the Giants. A much improved OL, especially the backups. They have some guys who can play and were opening running lanes. Very impressive running by rookie college FA ,A Williams. Way to run dude !

Also impressed by rookie draft pick MLB from Indiana, M McFadden. Didn't see much from rookie 1sr rder Tibby but I don't think he was on the field much.

Not impressed....the 2ndary looked confused and beaten pretty much all night long. As I believe the Giants have some good young talent back there I expect that position to play much better as time goes on and experience is gained.

QB, most of my comments will not include me positing anything on this position as I know the Giants have an excellent backup QB in Ty Taylor but need to move on from DJ at the conclusion of this season. So ? It kind of is like, "it is what it is..."

This will be a hard fighting team throughout the regular season. The might only win 4 or 5 games but it won't be because of lack of effort.

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