Random Thoughts

Looking at the published depth chart and recent posts by the BBV staff, and beat writers, it is clear that the Giants are most certainly a work in progress and some patience/fortitude will be required during the season. However, we should also keep in mind that the NFL is a parity league and the overwhelming majority of teams are in a similar situation. So as long as the team demonstrates progress (my loose and broad definition is playing competitive football against good teams into the 4th Q) the team is pointed into the right direction.

Things (seemingly) Trending Up

- Saquan appears to be heathy and running with his previous agility. He also (at least to my eyes) appears to be a little less bulky and maybe lost some of the weight Ojulari has put on.

- McKinney and Thomas appear to be potential cornerstone players. The coaching staff seems to have confidence in them and they both seem to demonstrate poise along with skillful play.

- LW and Dexter appear to be in good form and hopefully the addition of Thibs will serve as a force multiplier and give them more 1-1 opportunities and potential to make plays.

- Jackson seems to be willing (and hopefully able) to take on the role of CB1. He will probably always have problems with talented, physical receivers but believe that is true of all but the very best CB's.

- Tyrod seems to be a great fit as backup QB. Still has a good skill set and the correct attitude.

Fingers Crossed

- Wan'Dale seems like a player and the team seems like they have a plan in mind for him. But he is still a rookie. His maturity level seems a bit like Shep was as a rookie and that is a positive thing.

- The coaching staff seems to like Lemieux. Hope that is more of a good thing than a wish thing.

- Ezeudu could become a valuable pice on the O-line. However, would really prefer to have him learn a position as a rookie rather than being a swiss army knife. But trust this coaching staff until they prove they are undeserving.

- Evan Neal will almost certainly become at least a solid pro. We all just need to be patient as he adjusts to the NFL.

- Darnay Holmes seems to play with a lot of heart. Reminds me a bit of Grant Haley who was a tough and willing player but just lacked a bit of size and speed. Hope Holmes works out.


- Can Aaron Robinson hold his own week after week or will teams identify weaknesses in his game that this coaching staff still hasn't seen?

- Will Julian Love become a solid safety or will he be exposed as being just a step slow when out there for extended snaps?

- Can Blake Martinez bounce back and fill the running lanes? Will he become a liability in pass protection? Suspect he will be close to player he was and that should get things done.

- Ojulari???? This is a very dynamic defense structure and he needs to get out there and have some reps

- Don't know what to make of Kenny Golladay. He's not going to get faster and last year, at the games I went to, he was really rounding off his routes and no CB's were afraid of him getting behind them. He's getting paid a lot of money if he's just a 50/50 ball guy who isn't a deep threat.

- Toney remains a mercurial player. Like the idea that the coaching staff isn't requiring receivers to run prescribed routes in an absolute fashion. However, there still needs to be some discipline in running routes and you can't just run to space. Last year Toney reminded me a bit of Shockey in that regard. Hopefully I'm wrong and they can scheme to get him the ball in a space where he can operate.

- Daniel Jones. Is there anything really left to be said? Believe the key is going to be his ability to quickly read and react. Processing speed has been a lingering concern but this is year four and he should be acclimated to the NFL. Expect him to be a bit hot/cold early on but he needs to assume the mantle of leadership and make the necessary reads & throws.

Whoa Boy

- OL and secondary depth.

- RB depth.

- Daniel Bellinger better be good at TE and they need to find another Bear Pascoe somewhere to pitch in.

Final thoughts

The 2022 cap situation is brutal and it almost seems inevitable that they will need to extend LW to reduce his cap hit this year. There is no other feasible option if they want to improve depth. Unfortunately, LW's agent drives a very hard bargain so they will pay down the road for any relief this year.

The defense is going to be interesting to watch early in the season. It will certainly have the ability to create chaos for opposing teams but will also require discipline to avoid giving up big plays. Hopeful it will be more of the former but will likely be a bit of a mixed bag early on.

The Giants have been afterthought bad for a while now so they could sneak up on teams in the early going. But they are introducing elaborate new schemes on both sides of the ball so there could be some concerns early on. Believe the arrow is pointed in the right direction and am hopeful they will start up well, experience some hiccups as teams adjust, and then finish strong.

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