2020 Draft Perspective - OT

It's funny how many people who frequent this site ripped the Giants to shreds over their selection of Andrew Thomas in the 2020 draft. More specifically for not taking the Monster, Becton, who the Jets picked.

For perspective only 2 years later, we got word that Becton showed up to camp at around 400 pounds and promptly had a season - if not career - ending injury. Likely in part due to his weight and/or lack of conditioning.

Since it was the cross-town Jets who drafted him, and Thomas struggled early on, some of the comments on this site were brutal about how badly the Giants screwed up that pick.

Yet here we are only 2 years later with Thomas still ascending after a nice second season, and seeing Becton flame out. Just showing up at that weight and out of shape should tell you all you need to know about his commitment to being a great OT.

Just goes to show what is said in the heat of the moment of the Draft - the NFL Draft is so over analyzed and over-hyped; it's taken on its own gravitational pull - on draft night and the months thereafter when the reality of the picks set in can be very short-sighted.

I'm not saying Thomas is a sure-fire Canton inductee. I leave that hyperbole to others. I'm just saying that all of those who wanted to hang Gettleman and the Scouting department for not choosing Becton over Thomas should think twice about excoriating someone before the longer-term results are in.

For the record, I am not a Getty apologist. While I gave him a long leash before I started dumping on him, I did dump on him about his driving the Giants into the bottom tier of NFL teams. But in this case picking Thomas over Becton looks pretty damn good.

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