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Giants training camp, Day 5: Live updates from first padded practice

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NFL: New York Giants Training Camp
Tyrod Taylor scrambling during a training camp practice.
Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants take the field Monday at 10 a.m. for their fifth practice of 2022 training camp, the first one that will be in pull pads. Big Blue View is on hand and will be bringing you all the coverage we can on our website, via the @BigBlueView Twitter account and on our podcast and YouTube channels.

Monday is the first day the Giants, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, will be allowed to practice in full pads. Head coach Brian Daboll has been looking forward to that.

“That’s really when training – I mean this is great. There’s a lot of good teaching out here. It’s really, like I said in the spring, it’s a teaching camp. It’s competitive because there’s fans and the nature of training camp,” Daboll said. “But the evaluation process of the things that they need to do physically and they’re able to do that, really exert that a little bit more, I think we’re all waiting for that.”

Practice, of course, won’t be all-out with live tackling. There will be physical line play, though, and enough hitting in the open field to make things interesting.

“We’ll keep them off the ground and stay away from the quarterback,” Daboll said. “But you can actually see the fundamentals that you’re teaching. They’re doing a good job right now of trying to execute it, but when you have the pads on, particularly in the trenches, you get a good feel for some of those guys, their power, their ability to anchor, their ability to pass rush. It’s hard to tell (Defensive Line) Dexter (Lawrence) don’t bull rush right now without pads on. So, when we get to these pads, we’ll be able to see their full arsenal.”

Daboll said that the padded work is when the evaluation of players truly begins.

“Come Monday, it’ll really start up on the evaluation. We’re not going to sit down as a staff – we did that at the end of the spring. This is like an extension of spring relative to the scouting staff and the coaching staff. After we have a few days of pads in and get going,” Daboll said. “There’s an old ball coach who’s been pretty successful who used (to say), “Let’s not be an instant evaluator.” Three days of practice, we’ll give these guys a little bit of time here.”

Use the Twitter stream below to keep up with all of today’s happenings. The day will begin with Daboll meeting the media at 9:30.

Here is some of what has happened thus far:

  • Ed had a 1-on-1 interview with second-year edge rusher Elerson Smith, who has had a good start to training camp. In Friday’s ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast, you can hear some of what Smith had to say.

Find all the camp coverage you need via our Giants Training Camp StoryStream.

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