Coaches "developing" QBs.

We hear all the time about this coach or that one developing a QB. They get a lot of credit if he turns out well but very little blame if he dosn't . Personally I don't think a coach has much to do with any of that from the good side of it. It's really up to the player. They all have very good people around them and all watch film (except possibly Kyler Murray) and have all been playing the game and been coached most of their lives. They are the ones that have to do the work and have the talent. I don't think any coach has some magic formula for success at that position in the NFL. They can however screw someone up by taking away the things the player does well. When that happens it's usually the player who gets the blame. All these guys can play the game at a high level talent wise and it always comes down to wether or not they can understand scheme and concept. That's why they almost all get better when they have continuity from year to year. I'm not ready to give Daboll a lot of credit for Josh Allen because he is a super talented player who obviously put in the work. Nothing against Daboll at all. I just think that overall Josh Allen is responsible for his success much more so than any coach.

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