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Giants training camp opens: Things we know, and don’t know

There are many questions that need to be answered, both in training camp and the regular season

Syndication: The Record Danielle Parhizkaran/ / USA TODAY NETWORK

We know that the New York Giants open their 2022 training camp on Wednesday, with the first public practice set to begin at Quest Diagnostics Training Center at 10 a.m. We don’t know what is going to happen as the Giants start over — again — with a new head coach and general manager.

Thinking about that little fact, yours truly had a lightbulb moment. Let’s go through some things we know, and don’t know, as the Giants begin their season.

  • We know that the big story will be whether or not Daniel Jones can prove to a new regime that he can be the Giants’ quarterback beyond this year. What we don’t know is what happens if Jones is good, but not great? Would the Giants make a long-term investment? Use the franchise tag and once again put off a decision? Would they just move on, likely drafting a new potential franchise quarterback?
  • We know Saquon Barkley is healthier than he has been since early in the 2019 season. We don’t know if he can still be the same type of player he was before all the injuries.
  • We know head coach Brian Daboll is a great guy and that everyone currently seems bought in to what he’s selling. We don’t know yet if he can be a winning head coach, or whether that friendly personality will change when adversity hits.
  • We know Wink Martindale’s “pressure breaks pipes” is exciting. What we don’t know is whether the Giants have the secondary to make it work, or if it will cause times when the Giants self-destruct.
  • We know somebody has to call offensive plays. We don’t know yet if that’s going to be Daboll or offensive coordinator Mike Kafka.
  • We know that after missing spring practices due to knee surgery, Kadarius Toney is healthy and expected to be available when practice starts. We don’t know if Toney is going to continue to be an enigma, or if he will become the player his talent says he could be.
  • We know Kayvon Thibodeaux is a big personality and a big talent. We don’t know if he can be a big star on the football field for the Giants.
  • We know Wan’Dale Robinson is little. We don’t know if he can have a big impact on the Giants’ offense.
  • We know that the Giants made an interesting signing this week bringing back Andrew Adams. We don’t know how big a role the veteran safety will play.
  • We know that a certain writer for Big Blue View does not think Darius Slayton will make the 53-man roster. We don’t know if that writer will be correct.
  • We know Kenny Golladay is a better player than he had a chance to show last season. What we don’t know is how much better.
  • We know the Giants will have tight ends on their roster. After Daniel Bellinger, we don’t know who they are going to be.
  • We know that Dexter Lawrence is good. We don’t know if he can be great.
  • We know there are always surprises when it comes to constructing the 53-man roster. We, of course, don’t yet know what this year’s surprises will be.
  • We know that third-string quarterback Davis Webb has never thrown an NFL pass. We don’t know if it will be a good thing if he gets to do that for the Giants.
  • We know that the Giants added a lot of players who could fill spots in the middle of their offensive line. We don’t know if that will lead to good play.
  • We know the Giants are hosting the Jets for a joint practice at the Giants’ practice facility. We don’t know why they aren’t holding the practice at MetLife Stadium so that fans of each team can witness it.