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Twitter reaction to the throwback Giants’ jerseys making a comeback

The New York Giants dropped big news today with bringing back the throwback uniforms! What was the response online?

Buffalo Bills vs New York Giants, Super Bowl XXV Set Number: X40952 TK1 R9 F14

We got some exciting news today that the New York Giants were bringing back the classic 1980s-’90s uniform. The Giants released a video collaboration with the current face of the franchise Saquon Barkley and franchise icon Lawerence Taylor. This has been a fan request for some time so it didnt take long for twitter to blow up with both fan and alumni reaction.

First we will touch base with the voice of the fan. Most of them show the level of enthusiasm we would expect with the news.

It’s not just Giants fans either! Fans from other teams showed love to the throwbacks.

Those in the media also can’t help but love the Giant’s bringing back this uniform.

Giants greats are hyped to see the jerseys make their long awaited return taking to social media to show their support in the uniforms that they helped make special.

Unfortunately for Eli Manning he never got to wear one of these. Hopefully the Giants get a jersey over to him ASAP!