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Madden 23 reveal week: Is Saquon Barkley still elite?

Day three brings up ratings for running backs and safetys. Where does Barkley and McKinney end up?

NFL: New York Giants at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We are on day three of Madden rating week! We covered the pass catchers and the edge rushers on the previous two days. Today, we have running backs and safeties and where the New York Giants fall in those rankings.

We will start with the running backs and the most polarizing player on the roster in Saquon Barkley. Barkley sits outside the top 10 in running backs at 14 at 86 overall. Barkley currently sits behind Josh Jacobs, Kareem Hunt, and Leonard Fournette to challenge for the top 10. Madden doesn’t seem to believe in the Giants’ depth behind the oft-injured Barkley. Matt Brieda comes in at 72 and is the only other back on the roster that comes in above the 70 mark.

Moving over to the safeties, Xavier McKinney leads the group at 81 overall. McKinney leads the NFC east coming in as the highest-rated safety in the division. Running mate Julian Love comes in at 76 overall and no other safety on the roster is over that 70 mark.

So far Barkley is the highest overall player on the roster through these rating releases, though he is far from the superstar X factor he was a few seasons ago. It’s not too much of a surprise with the state of the roster and the giants’ success over the past few seasons not seeing any Giants in the top 10 so far and overall a pretty lackluster team. We still have the offensive line, interior rushers, and quarterbacks to go in the next couple of days to see how the roster shapes as a whole.