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Giants will bring back classic blue uniforms for pair of 2022 games

Uniforms will be centerpiece of ‘Legacy Games’ vs. Chicago, Washington

New York Football Giants

The classic blues are back. The New York Giants announced on Wednesday that they will bring back their classic blue uniforms from the 1980 and ‘90s for a pair of legacy’ games this season.

The classic blues, including the throwback helmet with ‘GIANTS’ on it, will be worn Oct. 2 vs. the Chicago Bears and Dec. 4 vs. Washington at MetLife Stadium. The uniforms were worn from 1980-1999.

“This era obviously still holds a special place in the hearts of Giants fans,” Giants President John Mara said i a statement released by the team. “Our teams during that time featured legendary players, some of the best in our franchise’s history. And these uniforms remind us of what was accomplished through those years. We are thrilled to wear that uniform again.”

The uniform, which will feature a ‘Once a Giant, Always a Giant’ inscription on the collar, is part of two Legacy Games. MetLife Stadium will be retrofitted with the Super Bowl XXI end zone design for the games against the Bears and Commanders. There will be giveaways and, of course, the retro jerseys are available via Fanatics.

“This uniform represents a significant part of Giants history, and we have often been asked by our fans if we would ever wear it again,” Giants Chief Commercial Officer Pete Guelli said. “We started the uniform process with the NFL two years ago, and we’re excited to see it come to life for two games this season. These Legacy Games will connect generations of Giants fans.”

Guelli told the team’s official website that the process of creating this uniform took two years.

“It’s always exciting when you bring back a piece of history, and that’s what we did,” Giants Chief Commercial Officer Pete Guelli said on the “Giants Huddle” podcast. “From Day 1, we were looking for ways to celebrate the amazing heritage of this organization, and there’s no better way to do that than through the uniforms. ...

“We’re going to try to take you back in time,” Guelli said. “Everything that’s done around those [Legacy] games is going to be thematically tied to that history. So, when you walk in the building and you see the end zones [painted like the ones in Super Bowl XXI], you’ll remember them. When you walk in and you see the graphics on the walls, you’ll understand what we’re doing. When you hear the music that’s being played, the video graphics that go up, and you see how we integrate alumni and the merchandise that we tie in and the giveaway that we’re doing at the games, which is a retro pennant, all that stuff is connected to that part of our history. If you’re a longtime Giants fan and you have fond memories of that window and those two Super Bowls, you’re going to want to be here.”

The Giants will wear their white ‘Color Rush’ jerseys when the host the Dallas Cowboys Week 3 on Monday Night Football. That is Sept. 26.