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New York Giants 2022 roster rankings: Nos. 50-41

Many of the players in this group could be roster bubble guys

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
Gary Brightwell
Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

We have reached players No. 50-41 in our rankings of the New York Giants’ 90-man roster. This is another interesting group filled with some players will make the roster, and some who will not.

Let’s discuss a few of the players in this group.

Darius Slayton being this far down the list is going, I am absolutely certain, to raise some eyebrows. Initially, I had the fourth-year wide receiver in the yet-to-come 40-31 group. I believe, as regular readers know, that Slayton’s roster spot is in jeopardy. I grouped him with Collin Johnson, a fellow wide receiver in the same boat.

Cam Brown is another player I am questioning myself on. Again, I initially had him much higher. He is, though, a special teamer who has shown little defensive value. I just don’t know how this regime will see such a player, though I would be surprised if he is not part of the roster.

Gary Brightwell is another interesting case, for the same reason. I just don’t know if he can be a useful NFL running back. Perhaps he should be lower on my list.

Ricky Seals-Jones and Jordan Akins are here because neither had a great spring and, honestly, I think one of them might not make the roster.

Click on the ‘Profile’ link next to each player’s name to read their 90-man roster profiles, if you have not done so already. Or, should you just need a refresher.

Giants roster rankings

91. Jabari Ellis, DT [Profile]
90. Josh Rivas, OG [Profile]
89. Ryder Anderson, Edge [Profile]
88. Zyon Gilbert, CB [Profile]
87. Chris Hinton, DT [Profile]
86. Darren Evans, CB [Profile]
85. Tomon Fox, Edge [Profile]
84. Andre Miller, TE [Profile]
83. Trenton Thompson, S [Profile]
82. Yusuf Corker, S [Profile]
81. Austin Allen, TE [Profile]

80. Jeremiah Hall, TE [Profile]
79. Jashaun Corbin, RB [Profile]
78. Roy Mbaeteka, OT [Profile]
77. Sandro Platzgummer, RB [Profile]
76. Nick Gates, OL [Profile]
75. Matt Peart, OT [Profile]
74. Devery Hamilton, OL [Profile]
73. Alex Bachman, WR [Profile]
72. Travis Toivonen, WR [Profile]
71. Justin Hilliard, LB [Profile]

70. Keenan Doss, WR [Profile]
69. Austin Proehl, WR [Profile]
68. Niko Lalos, Edge [Profile]
67. Oshane Ximines, Edge
66. Khalil Dorsey, CB [Profile]
65. David Moa, DT [Profile]
64. Robert Foster, WR [Profile]
63. Rodarius Williams, CB
62. Chris Myarick, TE [Profile]
61. Antonio Williams, RB

60. David Sills, WR [Profile]
59. Jalyn Holmes, DE [Profile]
58. Henry Black, S [Profile]
57. Michael Jacquet, CB [Profile]
56. Marcus McKethan, G [Profile]
55. Carter Coughlin, LB [Profile]
54. Jarren Williams, S
53. Maurice Canady, CB [Profile]
52. Korey Cunningham, OT [Profile]
51. Jamil Douglas, OL [Profile]

50. Collin Johnson, WR [Profile]
49. Darius Slayton, WR [Profile]
48. Davis Webb, QB [Profile]
47. Max Garcia, OL [Profile]
46. Ben Bredeson, OL [Profile]
45. Cam Brown, LB [Profile]
44. Ricky Seals-Jones, TE [Profile]
43. Jordan Akins, TE [Profile]
42. Matt Gono, OT [Profile]
41. Gary Brightwell, RB [Profile]