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New York Giants 2022 roster rankings: Nos. 91-81

Here we go with what is becoming an annual pre-training camp ranking of the roster

NFL: New York Giants Minicamp
Austin Allen (46)
John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

In advance of New York Giants training camp, which is now less than two weeks away, let’s rank the team’s 90-man roster.

We will go in reverse order, and these will be posted in groups of 10. First will be numbers 91 (yes, 91 because of the Sandro Platzgummer International Pathway Program exemption) to 81.

What I have done here, quite honestly, is placed all of the undrafted free agents at the bottom. Some of the players below, truthfully, may have legitimate chances to make the roster or to at least stick on the practice squad.

There are some really intriguing players in this ‘bottom tier’ group such as cornerback Darren Evans, safeties Trenton Thompson and Yusuf Corker, edge Tomon Fox and tight ends Andre Miller and Austin Allen. It could quickly become apparent once training camp begins that these players need to be pushed up the board.

Click on the ‘Profile’ link next to each player’s name to read their 90-man roster profiles, if you have not done so already. Or, should you just need a refresher.

Giants’ roster rankings

91. Jabari Ellis, DT [Profile]
90. Josh Rivas, OG [Profile]
89. Ryder Anderson, Edge [Profile]
88. Zyon Gilbert, CB [Profile]
87. Chris Hinton, DT [Profile]
86. Darren Evans, CB [Profile]
85. Tomon Fox, Edge [Profile]
84. Andre Miller, TE [Profile]
83. Trenton Thompson, S
82. Yusuf Corker, S [Profile]
81. Austin Allen, TE [Profile]