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Tyrod Taylor upgrades Giants’ backup QB situation

Giants will be in competent hands if Taylor needs to play

NFL: New York Giants Minicamp
Tyrod Taylor during minicamp.
John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

During Eli Manning’s 16-year career with the New York Giants, whoever the backup quarterback was rarely mattered. That person wasn’t going to play meaningful snaps.

With Daniel Jones as the starting quarterback, the backup matters. Colt McCoy helped the Giants win a game in 2020. The Giants’ offense was a disaster last season with Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm filling in for an injured Jones.

So, let’s talk about Tyrod Taylor, this year’s No. 2 quarterback, as we continue our player-by-player profiles of the Giants’ 90-man roster.

By the numbers

Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 217
Age: 32
Position: Quarterback
Experience: 11
Contract: Two years, $11 million | Guaranteed: $8.2 million | 2022 cap hit: $2.7 million

Career to date

Taylor has been the definition of a journeyman quarterback. The Giants are Taylor’s sixth team, and this will be his 12th NFL season. Taylor has a 26-25-1 record as a starter in 53 games, and has played in 78 games overall. He went 2-4 as a starter last season before Davis Mills took over that job.

Taylor has a career passer rating of 88.2, a career completion percentage of 61.2 and 59 touchdown passes with 25 interceptions. Taylor was the Buffalo Bills’ starting quarterback from 2015-17, but has otherwise been a backup or a placeholder.

He understands the role.

“I think because I, obviously you put the team first, but the outside noise I never let affect me. I’ve been a big believer of control what you can control. Each day you walk into the building you control your attitude, your effort, and how you go about your business. I think that helps you be able to work in any type of situation,” Taylor told New York media shortly after he signed with the Giants. “If you’re confident in yourself, confident in your ability to go out and perform, but also a great teammate, I think that you’re able to maneuver through what most people would think are tough situations or tough circumstances, in a matter where it doesn’t affect you.”

2022 outlook

Taylor will be the backup. He will not be the starting quarterback unless Jones is injured, or fails to the point where GM Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll feel it necessary to move on.

Schoen said it was “a priority” to get a quality backup quarterback.

“I go back to – I can’t remember if it was my opening press conference or I said it at the combine to you guys, backup quarterback would always be a priority of mine. Where I was last year, we got a little bit lucky at the value that we were able to get at what we thought was a good player at that value,” Schoen said. “I go back to my time in Miami, Ryan Tannehill gets hurt, tears his ACL, Matt Moore came in, kept the season alive and we went to the playoffs. We lost to Pittsburgh, but again, I think that’s an important position to have where someone can come in and steady the ship and win a few ballgames for you and it doesn’t completely decimate your season.

“I like Tyrod a lot. I was in Buffalo with him that first year when we broke the 17-year drought in terms of the playoffs there. Morning workout guy, he was always the first one in. He’s always in there. First one in, last one to leave. Smart, he’s a leader. He’s still athletic. He can run. Dabes and (offensive coordinator Mike) Kafka, the stuff they want to do on offense that Daniel can also do, you don’t have to change up your offense if he has to go in the game. Similar type skillsets and they can run the same offensive scheme and that was kind of some of the guys we targeted, it was guys that you don’t have to totally change your scheme in order to run your offense, so that was important.”

If he has to play, Taylor should prevent the Giants from reliving the Glennon-Fromm nightmare they experienced a season ago.