Fanboy All Hype Team

Every offseason there is a player that everyone hypes up to be the next big thing on our roster. A player that is destined to contribute. Last year it was David Sills. I semi bought into it until he only produced 2 catches for 17 yards. I think it’s safe to say he is not going to be some breakout star. I always like to root for the underdog and as a Giants fan we have seen it happen with players like Victor Cruz and Ahmad Bradshaw. Players that you don’t expect much from but ultimately breakout. The players I will have my eye on this year are Jashaun Corbin and Rodarius Williams. I expect that both have a good shot to make the roster given our current depth at the running back and corner back positions. Corbin isn’t the biggest or fastest back but he is patient and seems to have good vision. My hopes are that he makes the roster and pushes to be the backup getting some snaps before years end. It’s pretty unlikely that Saquon gets a huge contract from us next season (if he plays well we will probably tag him) and if we have a breakout UDFA rookie running back we get much cheaper at the position. Rodarius was generating some buzz last offseason and played 50 snaps through 5 weeks before tearing his ACL. With Bradberry departing the opportunity for Williams is there. I’m pretty confident these 2 players make the roster and contribute this season and who knows they could become stars. Which players drafted 4th round or later are you looking forward to seeing contribute this season?

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