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2022 Summer Scouting: Robert Scott Jr., OT, FSU

Can Scott be one of the top tackles in the draft class?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 27 Florida State at Florida Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL is always on the lookout for starting caliber offensive linemen, and offensive tackles in particular. Prospects with the uncommon athletic traits to bookend an offensive always garner attention from NFL scouts, and players with experience at both ends of the line are particularly interesting.

Florida State’s Robert Scott Jr. is one of those big, athletic tackle prospects that get scouts excited. He has a versatile frame at 6-foot-5, 312 pounds, good movement skills, and has played nearly 400 snaps at left tackle and more than 300 at right tackle.

Can Scott realize his full potential in 2023 and become a top tackle prospect? He might not be in consideration for the New York Giants, but he’s still a prospect to whom we should be paying attention.

Robert Scott Jr.

OT Florida State

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 312 pounds

2021 stats

Pressures allowed: 25
Hurries allowed: 16
Sacks allowed: 7
Snaps at LT: 393
Snaps at RT: 308

Game tape

(Scott is the left tackle, No. 52)


  • Ideal size and frame
  • Very good athletic capability
  • Good movement skills, COD, and foot speed
  • Good - controlled- pre-snap stance
  • Athletic ability allows him to succeed on scoop and reach
  • Solid at pulling (needs to lower hat)
  • Solid overall run blocker with a lot of upside
  • Understands how to seal and turn defenders away from gaps
  • Tough finisher, excellent competitive toughness
  • Potential, potential, potential


  • Technique needs work upon engagement of blocks, and sustainment
  • Leans too far at the waist
  • Leverage is an issue - plays with high pad-level
  • Undisciplined hips - commits too early up the pass-rushing arc
  • Use of hands to handle counter moves needs more consistency
  • Some waisted steps in his movement (both run and pass)

Why is he a top prospect?

It’s easy to understand why Robert Scott Jr. is a highly-regarded prospect. He’s a former three-star recruit who grew into his body and maintained excellent movement skills. His temperament on the football field will be desired by coaches, and his versatility to play both tackle spots is a major plus.

Scott Jr. is still raw, meaning there’s a ton of untapped potential that can still be unlocked. When he keeps his head down, the ability to uncoil through contact and show his good play strength is visible, but the consistency to which that occurs must improve. His ability to take advantageous angles to the second level, locate, and then finish linebackers off is one of the better qualities of his game.

Scott Jr. has the athletic traits to pull off any type of run block. He can skip-pull, pull, is great blocking down, sealing, on combo blocks, and he does a good job scoop/reach blocking. He’s effective despite his technical deficiencies.

I still believe the most enticing element in Scott Jr’s evaluation is his potential. If he can refine his technical issues in terms of discipline, pad-level, hand combat/handling counters, and his inability to consistently protect his outside shoulder as a pass-blocker, then he can develop nto a more dominate prospect.

What to improve for 2022?

Scott Jr. must become more technically savvy to unlock his potential. His size and movement skills can only take him so far. Scott Jr. was undisciplined with his hips up the pass-rushing arc far too often; he opened the gate, allowing defenders to bend right through his outside shoulder and that must be corrected.

He also needs to lower his pad level as a run and pass blocker. It was difficult for Scott Jr. to win the leverage battle, and his inability to consistently utilize his grip strength to gain access to opposing rusher’s chests - combined with a high pad-level - made Scott Jr.’s life more difficult than it had to be. He must learn to latch & sustain onto blocks while hand fighting as a stagnant blocker, and while on the move.

Scott Jr. would also have some waisted steps, lunged far too often into contact - dipping his head - and his footwork could improve in pass protection. Robert Scott Jr. can realistically improve these technical flaws and have a great 2022 season; if that happens, he can be discussed as one of the better offensive tackles heading into the draft, if he chooses to go pro.

One game to watch

2021: Miami (11/13/2021)