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Big Blue View mailbag: PED resources for players, Daniel Jones, more

The mail’s here!

Before you head out for your summer Saturday fun, let’s open the Big Blue View Mailbag nd answer some New York Giants questions.

Jeff Marx asks: As always I really enjoyed this week’s edition. I have a question for next week. It’s been reported that Giants Justin Hilliard has been suspended for violating PED policy because of Spironolactone. My understanding is that this type of substance is banned because it’s a diuretic that can dilute urine samples. Justin said he mistakenly took someone else’s meds. My question is if a player in fact needs medication for health reasons how does the league handle it? Are there any resources available for players to refer to that they can, in concert with their doctors, use to determine what medications they can take?

Ed says: Jeff, players have tons of information available to them about what is and is not allowed. They have plenty of resources, both human and online, to be able to find out what they can and cannot take. The bottom line for a player is that he is 100 percent responsible for what he puts into his body.

A player can turn to team doctors and trainers for information. He can turn to the Players Association, which has a comprehensive online Drug Policies website for active players. Mistakes happen, and that is Hilliard’s claim, but a player should never say “I didn’t know what was in that” or “I didn’t know that was banned.”

Scott Petrone asks: The old saying “hope springs eternal” seems to fit the Giants now, so here’s my question.

Are the Giants better off now under Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll than they were under Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge.

I know they haven’t played down one but I’m curious and would like your opinion.

Ed says: Scott, I keep saying that I believe it is OK for Giants fans to feel optimistic. Of course, you want to have optimism things will get better every time there is a new coach or new regime, so that isn’t a news flash.

We have seen (too many) coaching changes in recent years. We have seen GM changes. We have seen the Giants move on from Eli Manning to Daniel Jones. We have seen free agency splurges. We haven’t seen enough wins.

Joe Judge came in with guns blazing, impressing everyone in his introductory speech. He had a promising first year. Things fell apart in Year 2 with questions including his coaching style, his coaching staff, his relationship with Gettleman, his actual readiness to be a head coach, and more.

I feel better about Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll because this is the first time it has felt like the Giants did not take a half-measure or force a decision-making duo into an arranged marriage to try and get things turned in the right direction.

Schoen seems to have a greater appreciation than Gettleman for positional value, for how the pieces of a roster fit together and for where the Giants are as a franchise. Daboll is just a vastly different personality than Judge, which makes him more pleasant to be around. I also think Daboll’s offensive background gives the Giants a better chance to succeed on that side of the ball, as well.

Matt Totaro asks: What would Daniel Jones need to do this year to earn a contract from the Giants to QB for the future? Would he need to lead the team to the playoffs, put up 4,000 yards, 30 TDs 15 TO, be average? Or is it a foregone conclusion that Schoen and Daboll want to draft/sign their guy to be the QB next year? With DJ looking to get around $30-40 million would that make him a lame duck this year? Gettleman had one thing right - “You miss on a quarterback, you probably hurt the franchise for five years. It’s a five-year mistake.”

Ed says: Matt, I don’t think it is a foregone conclusion that the Giants will move on from Jones after this season. I have said before that I think the odds are against Jones landing a big second contract after this season, but it is certainly not out of the question. Earning the franchise tag or a second contract are certainly possible.

As for what Jones needs to do I don’t think you can put numbers on it or quantify it with a specific “he has to do this one thing.” I don’t think it’s about a certain number of yards, touchdowns, turnovers, or wins. I think it’s a situation where the organization will know it if they see it, or don’t see it. Does the offense perform smoothly? Do they make the plays that are there to be made? Do they look like they can go places with Jones at the helm? Do they look held back by quarterback play?

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