What is DeShaun Watson thinking?

IMO Watson is either getting some very bad advice or is being incredibly stubborn and is actually risking his career. There is a real chance that he might never play again if things continue the way they are now. I think he needs to do whatever it takes to settle these cases asap even if he has to live under a bridge for the next two years. If they are actually going to let even a few of the cases come to trial it's likely that things are going to come out that he will never be able to live down. The court of public opinion will bury him and the NFL will be put in a spot that may void the last three years of his deal with the Browns. ( The first two are untouchable). The only thing that makes any sense to me is that they know there are still some fence sitters waiting to see what they offer to settle and if it's high enough they may come out and add to the lawsuits which would probably put the voiding of the last three years on the table. What a mess this guy built for himself.

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