Quarterbacks - How much is elite ability worth?

There is no question that QB is the most important position on a foot\ball team. It also seems fairly clear that an elite QB can almost certainly assure a playoff spot. However, 14 of 32 teams (43.75%) of teams currently quality for the playoffs. So don't necessarily believe that qualifies as success. For the purpose of this discussion, will review the last ten SB's, the QB's of each team, and their cap hit for that season.

2021 Stafford (10.7%) Burrow (4.2%)

2020 Brady (12.2%) Mahomes (2.4%)

2019 Mahomes (2.4%) Garoppolo (8.6%)

2018 Brady (12.2%) Goff (4.2%)

2017 Foles (0.9%) Brady (8.3%)

2016 Brady (8.6%) Ryan (15%)

2015 Peyton (11.7%) Cam (8.7%)

2014 Brady (10.6%) Wilson (0.6%)

2013 Wilson (0.5%) Peyton (12.5%)

2012 Flacco (6.6%) Kaepernick (4.0%)

During this time period, there have been about eight QB's ,with enough tenure, to consider them bona fide HOF candidates. Brady, who has appeared in 50% of the SB's listed. Peyton, who despite being on the wrong side of the hill, appeared in two. Russell Wilson appeared in two when his cap hit was < 1%. Notably absent from SB appearances are Brees and Rodgers who are top tier HOF candidates as well as Eli, Rivers, and Ben who all have strong resumes. Andrew Luck was also on track before his early retirement.

Of the 20 individual seasons listed above, only seven featured QB's that accounted for more than 10% of their teams cap for that season. There were five pedestrian QB's who QB'd their teams to the SB.

Don't believe this very narrow analysis proves anything absolute about Quarterback value but believe it discredits the idea that teams should do anything possible to get an elite an QB. It is still a team sport and having a balanced roster is more essential to success than paying for elite performance from a single player. it will be interesting to see how any of this factors into the calculations mades by Schoe/Daboll going forward.

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