Open message to Schoen and Daboll

Joe and Brian,

I think you have both come in and grabbed the bull by the horns and started the arc on turning this team around. I like what you did with minimal cap space in free agency, and I really like what you did in the draft. The OL can be sneaky good this year and the additions to the defense in KT, Flott, McFadden, and Beavers have me excited. There is one more thing that you need to do.

Negotiate a new contract with Bradberry. Keeping Bradberry will be the key to allowing your young defense to evolve in their own timeframe without throwing them to the wolves. I get you do not want to kick money down the road and eat future cap space. I think in this instance it is justified and needed. You need the veteran presence in the backfield and a #1 CB.

Make a fair offer to him that is beneficial to both parties and allows him to finish his career with the Giants. So, you go from 87M in cap space to 75M in cap space next year. In the bigger scheme of things, you build through the draft and use FA to fill holes. You have proven you can do this on a shoestring budget so 12M less shouldn't cripple the franchise for a year or two, and the cap grows so you will make up the difference by 2024 anyways. For us fans that have lived through the ineptitude of the last regime, do the right thing here and keep the defensive backfield a strength and work something out with Bradberry.


a Fan

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