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Get to know Giants’ rookie CB CorDale Flott

His mom calls him an “old soul” who likes to take care of everybody

NFL: MAR 05 Scouting Combine
CorDale Flott at the Combine.
Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There was a very important question Monica Sims had to answer when I had the opportunity to speak with her via phone recently. The question? Well, how do you spell your son’s name, of course?

It’s “CorDale,” said Sims, mother of New York Giants third-round pick CorDale Flott.

It’s not Cordale with a lowercase ‘d.’ Or Cor’Dale, as some in the New York media had begun spelling it after the Giants made the LSU cornerback the 81st pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

So, let’s not argue about that. We can’t have a better source. Now, what else should we know about the Giants’ new cornerback?

Flott comes from an athletic family. His older brother, WyDale, was a cornerback at Southern Mississippi. His cousin, wide receiver Velus Jones Jr., was just selected No. 71 overall by the Chicago Bears after playing at USC. Another cousin, Bobby Flott, briefly played cornerback at South Alabama. Flott’s uncle, Ronald Sims, played one game for an Atlanta Braves farm team in the Gulf Coast League.

Because of that, Sims said CorDale being drafted by an NFL team was “a major thing for us.”

About 20 family members spent the draft at a rented condo in Gulf Shores, Al.

“We were surrounded by family,” Monica Sims said. “In the beginning it was stressful because of course you’re always unsure if you’re gonna get that call and when you’re gonna get the call.

“But once we did get that call it was totally exciting. It was just a big thing for the family, we were all proud of him.”

Monica Sims said Cordale Flott has been playing football since age 4.

“Basically, CorDale, WyDale and my husband, they pretty much got on the field every day,” Monica Sims said. “They trained CorDale, trained WyDale and trained some of the other guys. It was a big thing.”

So, what kind of kid, or “young adult” as Monica Sims corrected herself, is her baby boy?

“CorDale actually has an old soul,” Monica Sims said. “He’s pretty quiet, very observant. He takes in everything and he’s always been the one that examines everything. If he’s got an opinion he’s going to let you know.

“He’s the one that always keeps everybody in place. That’s just him.”

Flott is a 6-foot-½-inch, 175-pound string bean. He might not look like it, but Monica Sims also referred to CorDale as the family “enforcer.” At least as far as that relates to his 15-year-old sister Carman’s social life.

“He takes care of everybody and when I say takes care of everybody he’s gonna let you know because he’s very smart, he’s a very smart kid,” Monica Sims said.

“He’s like a father, even though he has an older brother. He has a younger sister. He’s always the one that when it comes to his little sister he’s the enforcer. When it comes to her dating and everything he’s the enforcer. If he has an opinion about it he’s gonna let mom, let us know that, hey, she can’t go.

“That’s just his whole personality. That’s CorDale.”