Baker Mayfield

I already know the response I’m going to get to this post but the reality is Mayfield is IMO the best option for the Giants if he comes at the right price. People forget what he achieved in college. It was unprecedented and IMO will never come close to being repeated. A walk on starter his freshman year at Texas Tech, not a 5 star recruit, where he kicked ass. Then transfers to of all places Oklahoma, because there’s never a QB competition there but after sitting out a year due to the transfer rule at the time he starts the next three seasons, brought his team to CFP, won the Heisman etc. Look at the NCAA page listing all of his accomplishments and records.

Then in 2020 he had a great season for the Browns

Browns finished 11-5, after going 6-10 previous season, first winning record since 2007, best record since 1994 and ended an 18 year playoff drought. In wildcard game they beat the Steelers 48-37 then following week lost to the Chiefs 22-17, who went to the SB.

Then in 2021 he had a bad season but look at the injuries he played thru.

Mayfield suffered a completely torn labrum and fraying in his left, non-throwing shoulder in Week 2. Mayfield continued to play play through his shoulder injury then in Week 6 he also suffered a fractured humerus bone, wore a harness to prevent it from repeatedly dislocating and also dealt with lower-body injuries (left heel, right knee, groin) throughout the season.

But as too many NFL players learn the hard way no one gives a damn if you played hurt to try and help your team win. In the NFL it’s basically a lock to be one of the worst career decisions you ever made.

I think there are 5 teams with two first round picks in next years draft and there’s a good chance all will be looking for a franchise QB so if Jones doesn’t deliver this year our chances of getting the guy we want next year will be incredibly expensive if we don’t finish with one of top picks. Like two #1s, plus second rounders etc

I know the reception this post will get but remember Mayfield played three years at Oklahoma who have a history of putting points on the board Team him up with Toney, Robinson and Daboll. Nothing is off the table IMO

The alternative if Jones doesn’t work out is we are looking at 2024 draft for a rookie QB. The 90%+ who will scoff at the idea should remember Mayfield has already been a successful NFL QB, not a rookie prospect and has a track record of delivering every place he’s been. I absolutely love Watson, the player. I think he may be one of the most gifted QBs the NFL has ever seen. But there’s no way I give anyone a $250 mil GTD contract plus draft picks with his issues.

You can’t afford to pay him so Browns still have to so you can get him on a flyer, conditional draft pick, and maybe a player Browns want for a position of need they think will put them over the top if Watson isn’t suspended for the whole season. Obviously none of our core young players. Browns put themselves in a big hole and Giants have leverage now. If Mayfield gets cut or he has a choice after the season I think he’ll wind up with Carroll in Seattle. No one will ever say Mayfield looks like he was built in a lab like Thibo but he’s a proven baller, tough as nails and won every place he’s been.

I’ve said this before and been ridiculed but I would absolutely go get Mayfield right now. Browns want him gone and Giants could likely get him in a ridiculously good deal. IMO a conditional draft pick and maybe a player. End your Memorial Day weekend with a laugh, again, at my expense.

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