Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Now that the initial "shock" of the draft has dissipated, who do we think leads the giants WRs in receptions? And do we have a 1K receiver on staff? I know Golloday has done it before, but I wonder about his rapport with DJ. My pick is Toney and I think we see him 50% of the time lined up as the flanker with Golloday as the X and Wan'Dale in the slot. I'm pegging Toney for 60+ receptions and just over 800 yards. Golloday, probably leads the team in receiving TDs. Conventional wisdom says we run a lot of 11 or 10 personnel with some combination of Toney, Wan'Dale, Shep, and Slayton at slot /Flanker.

In this offense and from what we have seen with Saquon lining up outside the backfield, I envision 50+ receptions for him. If he leads the team in receptions, I don't think this bodes well for DJ coming back as the majority of these will be dump-offs.

Let the debate begin. And yes, I am higher than on Toney than most. I see greatness in him. An an aside, anyone have any numbers on Daboll's preferences for bunch formations?

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