Buffalo Offensive Line

Tony DelGenio wrote a really good piece on the offensive line (

As part of my look at what the Giants offensive line will look like in 2022, I've been watching a lot of Bills film. The Buffalo line is not good, and the #20 ranking might be an overstatement. Josh Allen's pass protection was not good, and he was frequently running for his life.

What this tells me:

1. You don't need to have a great line to be a playoff team.

2. If your line is sub-optimal, you'd better have a QB that can scramble and throw off-platform

3. There's some kind of relationship between what you spend on the offensive line against the premium for a mobile QB

4. If Buffalo doesn't improve their offensive line, they're not going to win a Super Bowl. Sooner or later bad line play will bite you in the keester.

5. The later version of Eli and the Giants putrid offensive line was a recipe for disaster.

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