2022 Summer Moves

With the draft over we have some minor roster movement that needs to happen:

1. Sign two DBs - 1 S and 1 boundary CB. Ideally it would be Jimmy Smith as FS and Kevin King as the boundary CB, outside of some exceptions, at this point in the summer there isnt a big cap hit coming for a free agent signing.

2. Push out a little bit of Leo's contract into 2023 or a void year in 2024. Just enough to get through the season and complete the above signings, maybe 10M split out 2.5M in 2023 and 7.5M in 2024 when our roster/cap situation will be very healthy. Would give us somewhere in the range of $12M for 2022 season after the draft class is signed using most of the Bradbury savings

3. See if somebody will trade a future 7th with conditions for a 6th for Darius Slayton. He isn't part of the future and has regressed every season. Golladay will have Colin Johnson as his backup. Toney/Robinson/Shep will all see the field plenty. We can find a backup boundary WR during training camp competition to replace Slayton without much drop off.

4. Maybe pre-emptively sign Julian Love to a new contract - he has the same cap situation as Slayton due to playing time. Would $12M / 4 years get him to sign now and lower his cap hit in 2022 while locking him up for the future?

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