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Making the case: Should Giants make two top-10 picks, or trade down with one?

Draft analysts, insiders offer their views

NFL: APR 27 2018 NFL Draft Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There are competing theories as to how New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen should handle the fact that his team has picks at 5 and 7 in Round 1 of the 2022 NFL Draft.

One theory goes that the Giants should make both of those picks. After all, they need impact talent and two picks in the top seven gives Schoen the opportunity two of the players he believes to be in the top seven of the draft class.

The other theory goes that Schoen should make one of those picks and trade down with the other. That would give him the extra draft “at-bats” he has said he craves. It could also net the Giants an addition 2023 first-round pick, which would give them maneuverability in that draft. Thirdly, moving down in this draft would offer some salary cap relief.

Those two theories split the Giants fan base. They also split draft analysts. Below, draft analysts and league insiders tell us which side of the argument they are on and make their cases.

Here is the question I posed to each:

— The Giants have two draft picks in the top 10 (5 and 7). There are two competing philosophies:

a) Make both picks to obtain premium talent right now.

b) Trade back with one of the picks to obtain more “at-bats” in the draft.

Which is the path your would prefer, and if the Giants trade back is getting a 2023 first-round pick in return a must?

Jeff Diamond, former Minnesota Vikings general manager:

“We usually believed there were 8-10 blue chip (multi-future Pro Bowls) players in every draft. I think they should stay at 5 and 7 and get two potentially great players.

“They need to win now and get more help for Daniel Jones to give him a chance to prove he’s their QB for the long haul.”

Ric Serrittella, NFL Draft Bible:

“It’s a deep class, if I can move back and acquire future equity that is the ultimate long-term building philosophy. As long as Daniel Jones is the starting quarterback the Giants will never make the playoffs! You can print that.

“First round pick is a must [in a trade down] ... another deep draft class with more blue chips in 2023.”

Emory Hunt, Football Gameplan:

I asked Hunt about this during a recent podcast appearance. Judging from the answer he gave, which is below, I wonder if Hunt was thinking I meant trading out of the top 10 with both picks.

“That would be so hard for me as a GM. I can understand the Eagles trading one of their three first-round picks, even though I would have been hesitant to give up three opportunities to get three of the top 32 players in the entire draft. But, two of the top 10 players in the entire draft? There is no way any mystery box of next year will make me get out of the top 10. You would have to give up starter players for this year and picks,” Hunt said.

“If I have a chance to get a cheap, dynamic player, and I say cheap in terms of contract — two of the top 10 ... I would be hard-pressed to move out of that spot given the depth of this draft an an opportunity to take two guys that you know, that your scouts can all agree on, we can all agree on the top 10 talents as a scouting group. And you can get two of those guys? It would be lunacy to move out of the top 10.”

Dan Hatman, Scouting Academy

“I would definitely trade back and would want a 2023 first as past of the deal. Have to get QB right and this year they kind of have to punt on the position, so having ammo for next year (especially with rival Philadelphia already positioning itself for 2023) seems like important strategy,” Hatman wrote. “Can still add quality pieces this year, which creating more options for the future.”