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Mitchell Trubisky: Giants coach Brian Daboll “a great leader of men”

Trubisky is considered a target for Giants in free agency

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Mitchell Trubisky
Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Mitchell Trubisky is widely considered to be a candidate to come to the New York Giants to either back up quarterback Daniel Jones or challenge him directly for the starting job. What does Trubisky think of the Giants?

This is what he said Tuesday on ‘The Adam Schefter Podcast.’

“I think of Coach Daboll right away just because of my connection with him in Buffalo. I’m excited to see what he does in New York. I don’t know where I’m gonna go, but I know whatever he does there he’s going to do a great job with that offense. He’s a great leader of men. He’s just real and authentic with all the guys, and I think that’s why so many people respected him in our building. I’m excited to see what he’s gonna do.

“Of course New York you think of the city. I haven’t been to New York many times, but you think of New York City. I know Coach Daboll will do a great job and I’m excited to see that offense.”

There is, of course, a ton of smoke around Trubisky, 27, and the Giants with free agency approaching and the Giants needing a better backup than Mike Glennon. Trubisky spent last season as the backup quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, where Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen were employed.

He threw only eight passes last season after having a mixed bag of a career for four years with the Chicago Bears. Trubisky has a 29-21 record as a starting quarterback.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Giants did pursue Trubisky. There are, though, other potential suitors likely to be able to offer him more money and a cleaner path to a starting opportunity. Among those teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Commanders.