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Giants’ QB Tyrod Taylor: “No crystal ball” when it comes to playing or not playing

Taylor calls Giants a “great fit” as he chat with NY media for first time

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Backup. Starter. Whatever. Veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor doesn’t know what his role with the New York Giants will eventually be, and after 11 seasons in the NFL he isn’t worrying about it.

“There is no crystal ball, obviously, you never know what the future holds. You have to pick what makes the most sense for you in that time and I think choosing to come here made the most sense for me in that time and for this stage of my career,” Taylor told New York media during a Thursday conference call. “Obviously, Daniel [Jones] has played a number of snaps here and has played well. Like I said, I’ve watched him. So, to come in and to think that “Oh, this is an opportunity to start,” that’s not necessarily a weighing factor. It’s more so what makes the most sense. Obviously, coming in and staying ready for the opportunity if it does present itself, but I didn’t weigh that in, because like I said, you don’t have a crystal ball.”

Taylor signed a two-year, $11 million contract with incentives that could push the contract to $17 million. He said “there were other opportunities,” but called the Giants a “great fit” and said coming to New York was a chance “to come in and continue to progress as I’m going into year 12 and offer this team whatever I can to help them win.”

Does he believe he is competing with Jones to be the starter?

“I view it as coming in, obviously, learning the offense, pushing the guys in the room, and just going out and putting my best foot forward each day,” Taylor said. “My process since I’ve been drafted in 2011 has been to prepare as the starter. Obviously, at the quarterback position you never know when your number is called. You want to be able to go in and play at a high level. So, that’s my focus. I’ll continue to keep working as we get back in the swing of things in April.”

He called Jones, entering his fourth season, “very talented.”

“Obviously, we’ve seen him make a lot of throws, he can escape the pocket, does a good job of leading as well too,” Taylor said. “I’ve never met him in person, just watched him from afar. I’ve been impressed. Like I said, looking forward to working with him.”